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Helping you plan your financial future with confidence

Financial Planning

A great life doesn’t happen by chance – it comes from good planning

Investment Consulting

An evidence-based approach

Money is often referred to as a means to an end but it isn’t the end goal. It’s simply a tool that helps us achieve our vision of a better future – a life rich with experiences, memories and relationships.

For Graham, that’s involved climbing to Everest Base Camp, cycling across the Mekong Delta and trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro – all with people he cares about. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to sign up for any of these to be a Kingswood client!

We appreciate that everyone is different. Our job is to find out what’s fulfilling in your eyes. And then help you achieve it.

That’s where a clear financial plan comes in. With that in place, you’ll know where you’re heading and feel in control of your finances with an understanding of all the options.

It may be you’ve never really thought about what you want but we’ve got a process to help you clarify your objectives, whether that’s to protect what you‘ve got, accumulate more or start to decumulate in a tax-efficient way.

We help our clients achieve and maintain financial independence. By ‘managing the money’ we can ensure your financial arrangements will provide a solid foundation for your lifestyle.

People understandably often worry about financial issues. Will they have enough money to last once they’re retired? What if something unexpected happens? What if there is another financial crisis? Our role is to take our clients from uncertainty to certainty. Yes, there will always be risk in investing and investments will inevitably go down as well as up, but by putting a structured plan in place over the long term, we can help you to take action as appropriate and increase the chances of success.

Graham communicates details of financial planning in a language I can understand and has helped me achieve my goal of feeling financially comfortable at my retirement. I have total confidence in his financial planning, he understands my attitude to risk and the planning and advice I have received has provided me with a financial future that I had hoped for but could never have achieved by myself.


Graham was a breath of fresh air. We have known a few 'financial advisers' but Graham's approach to first establishing our 'needs' rather than just selling us products has been a surprising and rewarding experience. We're glad to have found someone that we can place our trust in to help us to first establish and then realise our future goals. How much to invest in your future well-being can be a difficult question but, right from the start, Graham was very open and honest about the 'life time' service his Company can provide and the costs associated with it.

NeilEngineer, Surrey

I was very impressed by [Graham’s] honesty, his desire to fully understand my personal objectives and views, and the quality of his advice and service to me. My circumstances were complicated and Graham clearly explained all aspects and covered any implications. In fact, due to his knowledge and involvement, my annual pension income is 18% more per year than it would otherwise have been.


We have been able to understand easily what needs to be planned to ensure a comfortable and organised future. It does give us peace of mind, which we want as retirement approaches.


Graham has been advising our company for over 5 years now and we are really happy with the professional service he provides on corporate benefits schemes (pensions, insurances etc.). He is always one step ahead in advising us of future regulations that would affect us and making sure we are fully compliant, as a company.

MurtazaFinancial Controller, London

Graham takes me through the significance of the investment decisions he is recommending in detail and fully explains the options. Most importantly, his advice is always sound.

AnthonyManaging Partner, London